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Next Steps

We've seen how to use FASTElement to declaratively build Web Components. In addition to the basics of element and attribute definition, FASTElement also provides a way to declare templates capable of high-performance rendering, and efficient, incremental batched updates. Finally, CSS can easily be associated with an element in a way that leverages core platform optimizations for performance and low memory allocation.

Now that you're familiar with the robust and powerful features of FASTElement, you're ready to build your own components and apps. But you don't have to start from scratch there either! If you haven't already explored them, check out our FAST Components, which provide all the basic UI building-blocks you'd expect in a modern component library. You can also leverage the same adaptive design system that our own components use to enable robust theming throughout all you create. Read more on that in Styling Components. Finally, you'll want to take advantage of a modern toolset by installing a powerful editor and plugins.

For a quick reference, check out our Cheat Sheet.