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The skeleton component is used as a visual placeholder for an element while it is in a loading state and usually presents itself as a simplified wireframe-like version of the UI it is representing.


import {    provideFASTDesignSystem,    fastSkeleton} from "@microsoft/fast-components";
provideFASTDesignSystem()    .register(        fastSkeleton()    );


Basic Usage#

<fast-skeleton    style="        border-radius: 4px;        width: 50px;        height: 50px;    "    shape="circle"></fast-skeleton>


A URL for an image asset may be passed to the pattern attribute. In this mode, the fast-skeleton component is used as a container for a transparent SVG that may express a more complex placeholder

<fast-skeleton    style="        border-radius: 4px;        width: 500px;        height: 250px;    "    shape="rect"    pattern=""></fast-skeleton>


The shimmer boolean attribute will activate the component's shimmer effect.

<fast-skeleton    style="        border-radius: 4px;        width: 500px;        height: 250px;    "    shape="rect"    pattern=""    shimmer></fast-skeleton>

Custom SVG#

An inline SVG can also be inserted into the slot of the fast-skeleton.

<fast-skeleton    style="        border-radius: 4px;        width: 500px;        height: 250px;    "    shape="rect"    shimmer>    <svg        style="position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0;"        id="pattern"        width="100%"        height="100%"    >        <defs>            <mask id="mask" x="0" y="0" width="100%" height="100%">                <rect x="0" y="0" width="100%" height="100%" fill="#ffffff" />                <rect x="0" y="0" width="100%" height="45%" rx="4" />                <rect x="25" y="55%" width="90%" height="15px" rx="4" />                <rect x="25" y="65%" width="70%" height="15px" rx="4" />                <rect x="25" y="80%" width="90px" height="30px" rx="4" />            </mask>        </defs>        <rect            x="0"            y="0"            width="100%"            height="100%"            mask="url(#mask)"            fill="#ffffff"        />    </svg></fast-skeleton>

Further Customizations#

The following CSS variables can be used to customize the appearance.

CSS VariableExpected value
--skeleton-animation-gradientLinear gradient
--skeleton-animation-timingEasing function

Create your own design#

import { Skeleton, skeletonTemplate as template } from "@microsoft/fast-foundation";import { skeletonStyles as styles } from "./my-skeleton.styles";
export const mySkeleton = Skeleton.compose({    baseName: "skeleton",    template,    styles,});

Additional resources#