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TextArea class

An Text Area Custom HTML Element. Based largely on the <textarea> element.

export declare class TextArea extends FormAssociated<HTMLTextAreaElement>


autofocusbooleanIndicates that this element should get focus after the page finishes loading.
colsnumberSizes the element horizontally by a number of character columns.
formIdstringThe id of the form the element is associated to
liststringAllows associating a datalist to the element by https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Element/id.
maxlengthnumberThe maximum number of characters a user can enter.
minlengthnumberThe minimum number of characters a user can enter.
namestringThe name of the element.
placeholderstringSets the placeholder value of the element, generally used to provide a hint to the user.
readOnlybooleanWhen true, the control will be immutable by user interaction. See readonly HTML attribute for more information.
resizeTextAreaResizeThe resize mode of the element.
rowsnumberSizes the element vertically by a number of character columns.
spellcheckbooleanSets if the element is eligible for spell checking but the UA.