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Slider class

An Switch Custom HTML Element. Implements the ARIA slider.

export declare class Slider extends FormAssociated<HTMLInputElement> implements SliderConfiguration


decrement() => voidDecrement the value by the step
increment() => voidIncrement the value by the step
keypressHandler(e: KeyboardEvent) => void
maxnumberThe maximum allowed value
minnumberThe minimum allowed value
modeSliderModeThe selection modeHTML Attribute: mode
orientationOrientationOrientation of the sliderHTML Attribute: orientation
readOnlybooleanWhen true, the control will be immutable by user interaction. See readonly HTML attribute for more information.
stepnumberValue to increment or decrement via arrow keys, mouse click or dragHTML Attribute: step
valueTextFormatter(value: string) => string | nullCustom function that generates a string for the component's "aria-valuetext" attribute based on the current value.