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@microsoft/fast-foundation > FoundationElementDefinition

FoundationElementDefinition interface

An element definition used to define a FoundationElement when registered through the design system registry.

export interface FoundationElementDefinition 


attributesEagerOrLazyFoundationOption<(AttributeConfiguration | string)[], this>The custom attributes of the custom element.
baseClassConstructableThe actual FAST base class of the component if different from the class used to compose.
baseNamestringThe non-prefixed name of the component.
elementOptionsEagerOrLazyFoundationOption<ElementDefinitionOptions, this>Options controlling how the custom element is defined with the platform.
shadowOptionsEagerOrLazyFoundationOption<Partial<ShadowRootInit> | null, this>Options controlling the creation of the custom element's shadow DOM.
stylesEagerOrLazyFoundationOption<ComposableStyles | ComposableStyles[], this>The styles to associate with the custom element.
templateEagerOrLazyFoundationOption<ElementViewTemplate, this>The template to render for the custom element.