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@microsoft/fast-element > HTMLView

HTMLView class

The standard View implementation, which also implements ElementView and SyntheticView.

export declare class HTMLView implements ElementView, SyntheticView 


(constructor)(fragment, behaviors)Constructs an instance of HTMLView.


contextExecutionContext | nullThe execution context the view is running within.
firstChildNodeThe first DOM node in the range of nodes that make up the view.
lastChildNodeThe last DOM node in the range of nodes that make up the view.
sourceany | nullThe data that the view is bound to.


appendTo(node)Appends the view's DOM nodes to the referenced node.
bind(source, context)Binds a view's behaviors to its binding source.
dispose()Removes the view and unbinds its behaviors, disposing of DOM nodes afterward. Once a view has been disposed, it cannot be inserted or bound again.
disposeContiguousBatch(views)staticEfficiently disposes of a contiguous range of synthetic view instances.
insertBefore(node)Inserts the view's DOM nodes before the referenced node.
remove()Removes the view's DOM nodes. The nodes are not disposed and the view can later be re-inserted.
unbind()Unbinds a view's behaviors from its binding source.